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Software tools and knowhow to plan your sales, margin, receipts, inventory, track performance vs expectations - develop and maintain a practical Open To Buy roadmap for the merchants.

Better planning, better profits

Once upon a time, Retail seemed simple...
If you bought the right stuff, marked it up reasonably, 
and pulled consumers into your store, you made money.

Then things got more complicated. 
More outlets started selling the same products, some with much lower costs 
and some with much better technology.
Online retailing arrived on the scene, armed with fast, free delivery.
Margins got squeezed. 
Consumers got more choosy. 
Leftover inventory got harder to clear. 
Competitors got better technology
Inventory risks shot up.

Today, you need to control inventory levels better.
You need to buy better, control your Open To Buy tighter, protect the cash flower sharper.

That’s exactly why we built Buyer’s Toolbox Open To Buy.

How do you get to a better Open To Buy?

There is plenty to learn in Merchandise Planning and Open To Buy, 
but the basic steps are simple:

• Plan Your Sales.

• Plan your Sales, Stock, Receipts.

• Publish and stick to your OTB budgets.

• Replan and reforecast often.

• Upgrade to more power and analytics if and when warranted.

How To Start...
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Fill in the contact form and give us an idea of your business needs so we can build and send your customized pricing and configuration.
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Send us your product hierarchy and location information

We will happily take your spreadsheets, report exports or text files, but please don’t send them in PDF or graphic formats.

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We build your Planning and Open To Buy system

Once ready, you will get your FREE software download to start using Buyer’s Toolbox OTB, so you can make sure it’s right for you. Training is available - both free and paid.

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After the Trial Period

If the software is useful for you, we will need some form of payment - a credit card, a periodic bank transfer, or ACH. If you decide to terminate, there is no cost. You will then be able to start uploading periodic data updates, freeze plans, and otherwise use Buyer’s Toolbox OTB to help your business grow profitably.

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