How much is the software?
Approximately $100/mo/user and $100/mo/location,
with volume and annual contract discounts available.

How would we pay for it?
Recurring Credit Card charge (discount available).
Recurring ACH or Wire Transfer (discount available).
Check upon invoice.

What are the main features?
Please download our PDF (need screen prints) or watch our video.

How do we upload our data into it?
You can either:
Type your product structure and history into the system.
Import your product structure and history from an Excel spreadsheet.
Create input files to our specifications.
Provide your input files as is, and we will convert them into
appropriate formats (extra charges would apply).

How/where is the software installed?
Software is installed on your desktop similarly to Microsoft Office,
and the database resides in the vendor-managed Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Are you able to support our part of the world?
Yes, we currently have clients throughout the world already.




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